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Publications 2021

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(In)visible Mobilizations. Romani Women’s Intersectional Activisms in Romania and Bulgaria.

D'Agostino, S., 2021, In: Politics, Groups and Identities. 9, 1, p. 170-189 (published online: 2019).

(Un)Safe Spaces for Intersectional Activism. Romani Women’s Responses to Transnational Political Opportunities.

D'Agostino, S., 2021, In: European Journal of Politics and Gender. 4, 2, p. 217-234 18 p.

Anti-Gypsyism: When a ‘Specific’ Form of Racism Is Considered ‘Reasonable’.

D'Agostino, S., 2021, Migration, Equality and Racism - 44 Opinions. D'Agostino, S., Adam, I., Trauner, F., Schuermans, N. & Adefioye, T. (eds.). Brussels: VUBPRESS, p. 206-209

Belgian Exceptionalism: Belgian Politics between Realism and Surrealism

Caluwaerts, D. (ed.) & Reuchamps, M. (ed.), 2021, (Accepted/In press) Routledge. 256 p.

Beyond individualisation: towards a more contextualised understanding of women’s social egg freezing experiences

De Proost, M., Coene, G., Nekkebroeck, J. & Provoost, V., 2021, In: Journal of Medical Ethics. medethics-2020-107190.

Brussels is Tarred with Racism

André, G.Charafi, S.Westerveen, L. & Bourabain, D., 2021, Migration, Equality & Racism: 44 Opinions. Adam, I., Adefioye, T., D'Agostino, S., Schuermans, N. & Trauner, F. (eds.). Brussels: VUBPRESS, p. 199-202

Compulsory voting: Anachronism or avant-garde?

Caluwaerts, D., Devillers, S., Junius, N.Matthieu, J. & Pauwels, S., 2021, (Accepted/In press) Belgian Exceptionalism Belgian Politics between Realism and Surrealism. Routledge.

Deliberation and polarization: a multi-disciplinary review

Caluwaerts, D., Bernaerts, K., Kesberg, R., Spruyt, B. & Turner-Zwinkels, F., 2021, (Unpublished) 2021 ECPR General Conference (online). p. 1-25 25 p.

Delineating the corporate elite: Inquiring the boundaries and composition of interlocking directorate networks

Huijzer, M. J., 2021, In : Global Networks. 21, 2, p. 1 30 p.

De emancipatie van dieren wordt niet bereikt met racisme

Jung, M., 2021, Migratie, Gelijkheid & Racisme: 44 Opinies. Adam, I., Adefioye, T., D'Agostino, S., Schuermans, N. & Trauner, F. (eds.). Brussel: VUBPRESS, p. 215-218

De 'mens' in het humanisme in vraag stellen

Jung, M. & Withaeckx, S., 2021, Migratie, Gelijkheid & Racisme: 44 Opinies. Adam, I., Adefioye, T., D'Agostino, S., Schuermans, N. & Trauner, F. (eds.). Brussel: VUBPRESS, p. 33-39

Ethnic Diversity in Brussels Politics: The Next Level

Celis, K., 2021, Migration, Equality & Racism. 44 Opinions. . Adam, I., Adefioye, T., D'Agostino, S., Schuermans, N. & Trauner, F. (eds.). Brussels: VUBPress, p. 181-183

EU Migration Cooperation with Third Countries: A Flawed Approach

Stutz, P. & Ahmad Yar, A. W., 2021, Migration, Equality, Racism – 44 Opinions. VUBPRESS

Europeanization and Statebuilding as Everyday Practices: Performing Europe in the Western Balkans

Musliu, V., 2021, Oxon: Routledge. 172 p. (Routledge Studies in Intervention and Statebuilding)

Flemish Nationalism and the Left-Right Divide. Consequences for Constitutional Politics in Belgium

Sinardet, D., 2021, Constitutional Politics in Multinational Democracies. Lecours, A., Brassard-Dion, N. & Laforest, G. (eds.). Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, p. 132-157 (Democracy, Diversity, and Citizen Engagement Series).

FRANET SR37 Contribution to Fundamental Rights Report 2021

De Pauw, M., Zomignani Barboza, J., Weatherburn, A., D'Agostino, S., Catteau, F., Briere, C., Feirabend, L., Desmet, E. (ed.) & De Hert, P. (ed.), 2021, 125 p.

From Legal to Political Reasoning: National Parliaments’ Use of Reasoned Opinions in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice

Tacea, A., 2021, (Accepted/In press) In: Journal of Common Market Studies.

Gender and politics research in Europe: towards a consolidation of a flourishing political science subfield?

Ahrens, P., Erzeel, S., Evans, E., Kantola, J., Kuhar, R. & Lombardo, E., 2021, In: European Political Science. 20, 1, p. 105-122 18 p

Implementing the Refugee Resettlement Process: Diverging Objectives, Interdependencies and Power Relations

Schneider, H. E., 2021, In: Frontiers in Political Science. 3, 19 p., 629675.

Inter-regional contacts and voting behaviour in Belgium: What can we learn from the 2019 elections?

Thijssen, P., Reuchamps, M., De Winter, L., Sinardet, D. & Dodeigne, J., 2021, In: Regional and Federal Studies. 31, 3, p. 359-380 22 p.

Intersectional Feminist Activisms in Europe: Invisibility, Inclusivity and Affirmation.

D'Agostino, S., 2021, (Accepted/In press) Handbook of Feminist Governance. Sawer, M., Banaszak, L. A., True, J. & Kantola, J. (eds.). Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.

Looking in from the outside: how randomly invited - but not selected - citizens think about a mini-public

Devillers, S., Vrydagh, J.Caluwaerts, D. & Reuchamps, M., 2021, In: Journal of Deliberative Democracy. 17, 1, p. 149-159 11 p.

Migratie, Gelijkheid & Racisme. 44 Opinies

Adam, I., Adefioye, T., D'Agostino, S., Schuermans, N. & Trauner, F., 2021, Brussels: VUBPRESS. 274 p.

Migration, Equality, Racism – 44 Opinions

Adam, I. (ed.)D'Agostino, S. (ed.), Schuermans, N. (ed.), Adefioye, T. (ed.) & Trauner, F. (ed.), 2021, VUBPRESS. 258 p.

Naar een radicale 'politiek van de mens'

Coene, G., 2021, Migratie, gelijkheid en racisme : 44 opinies . Adam, I., Adefioye, T., D'Agostino, S., Schuermans, N. & Trauner, F. (eds.). VUBPRESS, p. 27-31

Normfare: Norm entrepreneurship in internet governance

Radu, R., Kettemann, M. C., Meyer, T. & Shahin, J., 2021, In: Telecommunications Policy. 45, 6, 7 p., 102148.

Not all refugees want to come to Europe. Most stay close to home.

Schneider, H. E. & Sadder, I., 2021, Migration, Equality and Racism. 44 Opinions, Brussels. VUBPRESS, p. 67-70

Participation of Civil Society in EU Trade Policy Making: How Inclusive is Inclusion?

Drieghe, L., Orbie, J., Potjomkina, D. & Shahin, J., 2021, In: New Political Economy. ahead of print, p. 1–16 16 p.

Paying for the Future: Deliberation and Support for Climate Action Policies

MacKenzie, M. & Caluwaerts, D., 2021, In: Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning. 23, 3, p. 317-331 15 p.

Que réviser dans la Constitution belge? Bilan d’une réflexion collective

Bouhon, F., El Berhoumi, M., Moonen, T., Romainville, C. & Sinardet, D., 2021, La révision constitutionnelle dans tous ses états. Guénette, D., Taillon, P. & Verdussen, M. (eds.). Montréal: Thomson Reuters, p. 621-664

Questioning 'the Human' in Humanism

Jung, M. & Withaeckx, S., 2021, Migration, Equality & Racism: 44 Opinions. Adam, I., Adefioye, T., D'Agostino, S., Schuermans, N. & Trauner, F. (eds.). Brussels: VUBPRESS, p. 31-36

Reforming me softly: how soft law has changed EU return policy since the migration crisis

Slominski, P. & Trauner, F., 2021, In: West European Politics. 44, 1, p. 93-113 21 p.

Return Sponsorships – High Stakes, Low Gains?

Sundberg Diez, O. & Trauner, F., 2021, European Policy Centre.

Stuck between the modern and the terrestrial: the indignation of the youth for climate movement

Knops, L., 2021, In: Political Research Exchange. 3, 1, p. 1-31 31 p.

Tackling Racism in Brussels: Yes We Can!

Bourabain, D.Westerveen, L.Charafi, S. & André, G., 2021, Migration, Equality & Racism: 44 Opinions. Adam, I., Adefioye, T., D'Agostino, S., Schuermans, N. & Trauner, F. (eds.). Brussels: VUBPRESS, p. 220-223

The changing dynamics of Belgian federalism: Is there a reversal of the paradox of federalism?

Pascolo, L., Vermassen, D., Reuchamps, M. & Caluwaerts, D., 2021, (Accepted/In press) Belgian Exceptionalism. Belgian Politics between Realism and Surrealism. Routledge

The Effect of Institutional Affiliation and Career Patterns on (De)centralization Preferences in Advanced Multi-Level States: Parliamentarians’ Support for (De)Centralization in Belgium

Dodeigne, J., Reuchamps, M. & Sinardet, D., 2021, In: Publius: The Journal of Federalism. 51, 2, p. 262-282 21 p.

The Emancipation of Animals Will Not Be Built On Racism

Jung, M., 2021, Migration, Equality & Racism: 44 Opinions. Adam, I., Adefioye, T., D'Agostino, S., Schuermans, N. & Trauner, F. (eds.). Brussels: VUBPRESS, p. 203-206

The EU's ‘return rate’ with third countries: Why EU readmission agreements do not make much difference

Stutz, P. & Trauner, F., 2021, In: International Migration.

The new climate change activism is emotional and it’s a good thing

Knops, L., 3 Mar 2021, The Loop.

The rights of nature as politics

Tănăsescu, M., 1 Jan 2021, Rights of Nature: A Re-examination. Taylor and Francis, p. 69-84 16 p.

Towards a Radical Politics of the Human

Coene, G., 2021, Migration, equality and racism: 44 Opinions. Adam, I., Adefioye, T., D'Agostino, S., Schuermans, N. & Tauner, F. (eds.). VUBPRESS, p. 25-29

Voting for ‘the other side’? The curious case of the Brussels Capital Region

Blanckaert, B.Caluwaerts, D. & Erzeel, S., 2021, (Accepted/In press) Belgian Exceptionalism: Belgian politics between realism and surrealism. Caluwaerts, D. & Reuchamps, M. (eds.). Routledge

What is civil society and who represents civil society at the IGF? An analysis of civil society typologies in Internet governance

Tjahja, N., Meyer, T. & Shahin, J., 20 Apr 2021, In: Telecommunications Policy. 45, 6, 16 p., 102141.

Resilient Institutions: The Impact of Rule Change on Policy Outputs in European Union Decision-Making Processes

Tacea, A., & Ripoll Servent, A., 2021, In: Politics and Governance, 9(3), 1-4.

Intergovernmental Relations on Immigrant Integration in Multi-Level States

Adam, I., & Hepburn, E. (Eds.), 2021, Routledge.

EU Climate and Energy Governance in Times of Crisis: Towards a New Agenda

Oberthur, S., Jordan, A. J., & Von Homeyer, I., 2021, In: Journal of European Public Policy28(7), 959-979.

The Separatism Debate in Flanders: Actors and Arguments

Dandoy, R., & Sinardet, D., 2021, In A. Eppler, C. Jeffery, & S. A. Lütgenau (Eds.), Qualified Autonomy and Federalism versus Secession in EU Member States (pp. 187-201). (Foster Europe - International Studies Series). Innsbruck: StudienVerlag.

Queer Asylum Seekers in Belgium: Navigating Reception Centers

Ropianyk, A., & D'Agostino, S., 2021, In: DiGeSt. Journal of Diversity and Gender Studies8(2), 58-70.

EU Climate and Energy Policy: How Myopic Is It?

Gheuens, J., & Oberthur, S., 2021, In: Politics and Governance9(3), 337-347. 

Hacking the Representative System through Deliberation? The Organization of the Agora Party in Brussels

Junius, N., Caluwaerts, D., Matthieu, J., & Erzeel, S., 2021, In: Acta Politica.

Young Belgian Muslims: Between religious reactivity and individualisation

Torrekens, C., Bensaid, N., & Kavadias, D., 2021, In: Ethnic and Racial Studies, 1.

A New Research Agenda: How European Institutions Influence Law-Making in Justice and Home Affairs

Tacea, A., 2021, In: Politics and Governance9(3), 5-15.

Intersectional candidate nomination: how district and party factors shape the inclusion of ethnic minority men and women in Brussels

Janssen, C., Erzeel, S., & Celis, K., 2021, In: Acta Politica56(3), 567-586.

Platform (un)accountability. Reviewing platform responses to the global disinfodemic one year onward

Meyer, T., & Alaphilippe, A., 2021, In: J. Bayer, B. Holznagel, P. Korpisaari, & L. Woods (Eds.), Perspectives on platform regulation. Concepts and models of social media governance across the globe (pp. 509-530).

Hungary’s renationalisation strategies: how a populist radical right government may seek control over (EU) migration policy

Trauner, F., & Stutz, P., 2021, In: Politique Européenne2021/2(72), 94-118.

European Foreign Policy in a Decarbonising World: Challenges and Opportunities

Oberthür, S., Tänzler, D., Wright, E., & Khandekar, G., 2021, Routledge.

Measuring and Evaluating the Effectiveness of Active Citizenship Education Programmes to Support Disadvantaged Youth

Liu, L., Donbavand, S., Hoskins, B., Janmaat, J. G., & Kavadias, D., 2021, In: Social Sciences10(10), [394].

The politicisation and framing of migration in West Africa: transition to democracy as a game changer?

Cham, O. N., & Adam, I., 2021, In: Territory, Politics, Governance, 2-20.

Inclusion in EU-Georgia Trade Relations: A Critical Institutionalist Analysis of the Georgian Domestic Advisory Group

Potjomkina, D., 2021, In: European Foreign Affairs Review26(3), 416 – 436.

What is Comparative Politics?

Erzeel, S., & Mügge, L., 2021, In: A. Atchison (Ed.), Political Science is for Everybody. An Introduction to Political Science. (pp. 161-183). Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Europe’s Transition to Sustainability: Actors, Approaches and Policies

Fernandez, R., Schoenefeld, J. J., Hoerber, T., & Oberthur, S., 2021, In: The International Spectator56(3), 1-6.

The European and national parliaments in the area of freedom, security and justice: does interparliamentary cooperation lead to joint oversight?

Tacea, A., & Trauner, F., 2021, In: The Journal of Legislative Studies.