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Publications 2018

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Simplifying a deltaic labyrinth: anthropogenic imprint on river deltas

Constantinescu, Ș. & Tanasescu, M. 2018. In: REVISTA DE GEOMORFOLOGIE. 20, p. 66-78

Coupling mini-publics to collaborative governance: the case of the Education Reform in the Belgian French Speaking Community

Vrydagh, J., Devillers, S. & Reuchamps, M. 2018. Coupling mini-publics to collaborative governance: the case of the Education Reform in the Belgian French Speaking Community. p. 1-24

The three ‘i’s of workplace accommodation of Muslim religious practices: instrumental, internal and informal

Adam, I. & Rea, A. 2018. In: Ethnic and Racial Studies. 41, 15, p. 2711-2730

Endorsing Brexit or preparing for ‘No Deal’? A Belgian perspective

Mattelaer, A. 2018. Egmont - Royal Institute for International Relations. (European Policy Brief series; no. 53)

Three types of forgetting: on contested states in Europe

Coppieters, B. 2018. In: Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies. 20, 6, p. 578-598

The Belgian approach to tackling violent radicalisation: a practitioners’ perspective

Van Der Vet, I. & Coolsaet, R. 2018. In: IES Policy Brief. 2, p. 1-7

Perceptions and decision-making with regard to pregnancy among HIV positive women in rural Maputo Province, Mozambique – a qualitative study.

Cuinhane, C. E., Roelens, K., Vanroelen, C., Quive, S. & Coene, G. 2018. In: BMC Women's Health. 18, 1

The impact of mobility and migration on the identity-constructing policy in Brussels

Janssens, R. 2018. The Politics of Multilingualism: Europeanisation, globalisation and linguistic governance. Kraus, P. & Grin, F. (eds.). Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company, p. 65-87 23 p. (Studies in World Language Problems)

‘I am always crying on the inside’: a qualitative study on the implications of infertility on women’s lives in urban Gambia

Dierickx, S.Rahbari, L., Longman, C. & Coene, G. 2018. In: Reproductive Health. 15, 1

Immigration and Sub-State Nations. Researching the Nexus

Adam, I. 2018. Handbook of Territorial Politics. Detterbeck, K. & Hepburn, E. (eds.). Northhampton: Edgar Elgar, p. 261-277

Research on the Multi-Level Governance of Migration and Migrant Integration. Reversed Pyramids.

Adam, I. & Caponio, T. 2018. The Routledge Handbook of the Politics of Migration in Europe.. Weinar, A., Bonjour, S. & Zhyznomirska, L. (eds.). London: Routledge, p. 26-36

‘Statehood’, ‘de facto Authorities’ and ‘Occupation’: Contested Concepts and the EU’s Engagement in its European Neighbourhood

Coppieters, B. 2018. In: Ethnopolitics. 17, 4, p. 343-361 

Four Positions on the Recognition of States in and after the Soviet Union, with Special Reference to Abkhazia

Coppieters, B. 2018. In: Europe-Asia Studies. 70, 6, p. 991-1014

Colorful or colorless? Local parties defending ethnic minority interests.

Wauters, B., Eelbode, F. & Celis, K. 2018. In: Lex Localis - Journal of Local Self-Government. 16, 3, p. 413-430

Migration aspirations and migration cultures: A case study of Ukrainian migration towards the European Union

Van Mol, C., Snel, E., Hemmerechts, K. & Timmerman, C. 2018. In: Population, Space and Place. 24, 5

Theorizing the EU's Actorness: Towards an Interactionist Role Theory Framework

Klose, S. 2018. In: JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies. 56, 5, p. 1144-1160

Keeping it real. Lessons on implementing sustainable consumption policy at a local level

Meyer, T.Söebech, O. & Shahin, J. 2018. IAMCR 2018: Reimagining Sustainability: Communication and Media Research in a Changing World 

Defying the Traditional Theses. Intergovernmental Relations on Immigrant Integration in Belgium.

Adam, I. 2018. In: Regional and Federal Studies. p. 1-22

Explaining Goal Achievement in International Negotiations: the EU and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Oberthur, S. & Groen, L. 2018. In: Journal of European Public Policy. 25, 5, p. 708-727 

Federal reform and the quality of representation in Belgium

van Haute, E. & Deschouwer, K. 2018. In: West European Politics. 41, 3, p. 683-702 

Regional Divergence in the Integration Policy of Belgium. One Country, Three Integration Programmes, One Citizenship Law

Adam, I., Martiniello, M. & Rea, A. 2018. Governing Diversity. Migrant Integration and Multiculturalism in North America and Europe.. Sredanovic, D., Rorive, I., Bribosia, E. & Rea, A. (eds.). Bruxelles: Editions de l'Université de Bruxelles, p. 235-256

E-Handbook on Societal Security Crises and Emergency Response in Europe

Söebech, O. (ed.)Van Der Vet, I. (ed.) & Lang, F. (ed.). 2018. Societal Security Network (SOURCE)

Good Representatives and Good Representation

Celis, K. & Childs, S. 2018. In: PS: Political Science & Politics. 51, 2, p. 314-317

Preferable Minority Representatives: Brokerage and Betrayal

Severs, E. & de Jong, S. 2018. In: PS: Political Science & Politics. 51, 2, p. 345-350

The Good Representative 2.0 Why We Need to Return to the Ethics of Political Representation

Severs, E. & Dovi, S. 2018. In: PS: Political Science & Politics. 51, 2, p. 309-313

Class composition as a frame of reference for teachers? The influence of class context on teacher recommendations

Boone, S., Thys, S., Van Houtte, M. & Van Avermaet, P. 2018. In: British Educational Research Journal. 44, 2, p. 274-293

Exploring Gender Differences in Support for Rightist Parties: the Role of Party and Gender Ideology

Campbell, R. & Erzeel, S. 2018. In: Politics & Gender. 14, 1, p. 80-105

Conservatism and Women's Political Representation

Celis, K. & Childs, S. 2018. In: Politics & Gender. 14, 1, p. 5-26

Of values and legitimacy – discourse analytical insights on the copyright case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union

Kalimo, H.Meyer, T. & Mylly, T. 2018. In: The Modern Law Review. 81, 2, p. 282-307

Adolescents’ Sexual Wellbeing in Southwestern Uganda: A Cross-Sectional Assessment of Body Image, Self-Esteem and Gender Equitable Norms

Kemigisha, E., Nyakato, V., Bruce, K., Ruzaaza, G. N., Mlahagwa, W., Ninsiima, A. B., Coene, G.Leye, E. M. & Michielsen, K. 2018. In: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 15, 2, p. 1-10

"Girls Have More Challenges; They Need to Be Locked Up": A Qualitative Study of Gender Norms and the Sexuality of Young Adolescents in Uganda.

Ninsiima, A. B., Leye, E. M., Michielsen, K., Kemigisha, E., Nyakato, V. & Coene, G. 2018. In: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 15, 2, p. 1-33

Intersectional Mobilization and the EU: Which Political Opportunities are there for Romani Women’s Activism?

D'Agostino, S. 2018. In: European Yearbook of Minority Issues. 15, 01, p. 23-49 

Transgender and non-binary persons and sexual risk: a critical review of 10 years of research from a feminist intersectional perspective

Van Schuylenbergh, J., Motmans, J. & Coene, G. 2018. In: Critical Social Policy. 38, 1, p. 121-142

Immigrant students’ educational expectations: the role of religious affiliation and practice

Hemmerechts, K.Kavadias, D. & Agirdag, O. 2018. In: Journal of Beliefs & Values. 39, 1, p. 86-104

European Approaches to United Nations Peacekeeping: Towards A Stronger Re-engagement?

Koops, J. & Tercovich, G. (ed.).2018. London: Routledge

How do Member States Return Unwanted Migrants? The Strategic (non-)use of ‘Europe’ during the Migration Crisis

Slominski, P. & Trauner, F. 2018. In: Journal of Common Market Studies. 56, 1, p. 101-118

The EU's policies towards contested states

Coppieters, B. 2018. Secession and Counter-secession. An International Relations Perspective. Muro, D. & Woertz, E. (eds.). Barcelona: Barcelona Centre For International Affairs (CIDOB), p. 37-43. (Colleccion Monografias)

Book Review. Feminist theory: how to do justice to a multifaceted and contentious field of inquiry

Severs, E. 2018. In: Politics & Gender. 14, 2, p. 1-5 

Book Review: NGOs and Global Trade: Non-state voices in EU Trade Policymaking

Potjomkina, D. 2018. In: Journal of Contemporary European Research. 14, 2, p. 206–209

Climate Change: Adapting to Evolving Internal and External Dynamics

Dupont-(Roche Kelly), C., Oberthur, S. & Biedenkopf, K., 2018, European Union External Environmental Policy: Rules, Regulation and Governance beyond Borders. Adelle, C., Biedenkopf, K. & Torney, D. (eds.). Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, p. 105-124

Deliberation in Deeply Divided Societies

O'Flynn, I. & Caluwaerts, D. 2018. Oxford Handbook of Deliberative Democracy. Bächtiger, A., Dryzek, J., Mansbridge, J. & Warren, M. (eds.). Oxford: Oxford University Press, p. 742-754

EU visa policy: decision-making dynamics and effects on migratory processes

Czaika, M. & Trauner, F. 2018. The Routledge Handbook of Justice and Home Affairs Research. Ripoll Servent, A. & Trauner, F. (eds.). London: Routledge International, p. 110-123

The Europeanisation of the Western Balkans: EU Justice and Home Affairs in Croatia and Macedonia: A Response to Georgi Dimitrov and Marko Kmezić

Trauner, F. 2018. In: Southeastern Europe. 42, 2, p. 260-269

Gender-based voting

Erzeel, S., de Leeuw, S., Marien, S. & Rihoux, B. 2018. Mind the Gap. Political Participation and Representation in Belgium. Deschouwer, K. (ed.). Rowman & Littlefield, p. 227-250

Justice and Home Affairs Research: introducing the state of the art and avenues for further research

Trauner, F. & Ripoll Servent, A. 2018. The Routledge Handbook of Justice and Home Affairs Research. Ripoll Servent, A. & Trauner, F. (eds.). London: Routledge International, p. 3-16

‘Kill Me but Make Me Beautiful’: Harm and Agency in Female Beauty Practices in Contemporary Iran

Rahbari, L.Dierickx, S., Longman, C. & Coene, G. 2018. In: Iran and the Caucasus. 22, 1, p. 50-60 

Male circumcision: the emergence of a harmful cultural practice in the West?

Coene, G. 2018. FGM/C: From Medicine to Critical Anthropolgy . Fusaschi, M. & Cavatorta, G. (eds.). Torino: METI Edizioni, p. 133-146

Migration – moving to the centre of the European Neighbourhood Policy

Trauner, F. & Cassarino, J-P. 2018. Routledge Handbook on the European Neighbourhood Policy. Schumacher, T., Marchetti, A. & Demmelhuber, A. (eds.). Routledge International, p. 393-404

Political Theory and Social Customs: Montesquieu, Rousseau, Volney and Constant

Huysseune, M. 2018. Bologna: Odoya - I libri di Emil. 136 p.

Power struggles: gender equality in political representation

Celis, K. & Lovenduski, J. 2018. In: European Journal of Politics and Gender. 1 , 1, p. 149-166

Return and readmission in Europe – understanding negotiation and implementation dynamics

Trauner, F. 2018. Handbook on the Politics of Migration in Europe. Weinar, A., Bonjour, S. & Zhyznomirska, L. (eds.). London: Routledge International, p. 251-260

Review of the Moral case for Abortion

Rahbari, L. & Coene, G. 2018. In: Journal of Diversity and Gender, 5, 1, p. 83-93

Societal Security in Latvia: New Wine in Old Bottles?

Potjomkina, D. & Vizgunova, E. 2018. Societal Security in the Baltic Sea region: Expertise Mapping and Raising Policy Relevance. Sprūds, A. & Vizgunova, E. (eds.). p. 118-142

The dark side of descriptive representation: bodies, normalisation and exclusion

Meier, P. & Severs, E. 2018. In: Politics and Governance. 6, 3, p. 31-42

The emergence and evolution of an external actor's regional role: An Interactionist role theory perspective

Klose, S., 2018, In: Cooperation and Conflict: Nordic Journal of International Studies.

The European Union's Community Method

Devuyst, Y. 2018. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics. Thompson, W. (ed.). Oxford University Press

The left confronted with the nation: case studies from the long 20th century

Huysseune, M. 2018. Nazionalismo, socialismo e conflitti sociali nell’Europa del XX secolo. Zantedeschi, F., Perri, P. & Geniola, A. (eds.). Rome: Aracne, p. 13-26 

The Legitimacy of Citizen-led Deliberative Democracy. The G1000 in Belgium

Caluwaerts, D. & Reuchamps, M., 2018, Routledge

The Routledge Handbook of Justice and Home Affairs Research

Ripoll Servent, A. (ed.) & Trauner, F. (ed.). 2018. London: Routledge International

The Western Balkans: decreasing EU leverage meets increasing domestic reform needs

Trauner, F. & Nechev, Z. 2018. The Routledge Handbook of Justice and Home Affairs Research. Ripoll Servent, A. & Trauner, F. (eds.). London: Routledge International, p. 275-297

Towards an Effective Mechanism to Facilitate Implementation and Promote Compliance under the Paris Agreement

Oberthur, S. & Northrop, E. 2018. In: Climate Law. 8, 1-2, p. 39-69 

What is a good democracy? Citizens’ support for new modes of governing

Caluwaerts, D., Biard, B., Jacquet, V. & Reuchamps, M. 2018. Mind the Gap. Political Participation and Representation in Belgium. Deschouwer, K. (ed.). ECPR Press, p. 75-90