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Feminist Democratic Representation wins PSA Mackenzie Prize 2022!

  • April 15, 2022

Co-authored by Karen Celis and Sarah Childs, Feminist Democratic Representation wins the Political Studies Association's Mackenzie Book Prize 2022 for the best book published in political science. Congratulations, Karen and Sarah!


"Feminist Democratic Representation explores how women’s representation can be justly and intersectionally included in modern democratic institutions. It brings together a range of perspectives, including feminist political theory, democratic theory, research on representation, and more. In this book, the authors rethink the democratic and representative design of our political institutions to ensure the better representation of women. The book significantly advances debates within and among feminist political theory and, importantly, does so in a refreshingly accessible and persuasive way. The authors draw on a range of research, vignettes, public political discourse and examples, and their own experiences that invite us to think again about traditional political institutions. In doing so, this book not only identifies ways for the better representation of women, but for representation in general. This is a book that will reshape the way that we think about representation and political institutions, which the authors argue must remain core the social and political sciences.” - The Mackenzie Book Prize 2022 Jury


Written in a clear and assured style; the book will engage, compel, and provoke in equal measure. A fine example of applied theory and institutional design, it disrupts and emboldens our thinking about representative institutions and the voices and interests that can, and should, animate them”. - Michael Saward